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Tailoring Experiences for Target Audiences

Data Never Lies

Asteri is in the business of building a wide range of products: websites, mobile apps, online games and more. This also means we’re in the business of asking questions, especially ones that others cannot -- specific questions about users, about fans, and about what it is they really want to see. And we start with the simplest, yet most important, question: What content do our customers truly want to experience? It is this question that drives our development process. Using rich databases to catalogue user behavior, we translate these answers into infinite possibilities for online entertainment - possibilities for websites, for games, for video and film, and more.

Changing the Game

Using data, we provide our producers & developers with real-time insights, helping craft entertainment that is tailored to match audience interests. This produces new revenue streams while increasing commercial success. Our process results in lower development risks with higher monetization opportunities, growing everyone’s bottom line while increasing user satisfaction. So, where does our data come from? It comes from asking the right people the right questions within our network. This network is a group of carefully curated, owned and affiliate websites that exist to support and grow fan communities.

Big Data, Big Payback

While most developers keep their concepts in the dark until launch, we develop in the light -- exposing our concepts for user input long before launching. Powered by our Predictive Audience Analytics™ platform, we use data to help create more meaningful content that users will appreciate, not despise. Asteri Networks was founded on this concept -- that entertainment in all forms can be improved by the simple action of listening to the audience’s voice, by asking what people truly want to experience. This belief guides our development team in a revolutionary way, from initial concept to product completion.

The 360° Solution: From Clients to Fans to Products

What makes our services unique is our Predictive Audience Analytics. This in-house platform is fueled by passionate fans participating in highly-interactive product research. These devoted communities help us examine product performance and get down to the nitty gritty of what people want to see. On top of that, each new brand we partner with adds to our network databases and further drives the growth and success of our clients. We also combine data with design in order to create more meaningful marketing messages that will appeal to users - not repel them. We want to optimize the entire user experience with all of our products -- everything from content to advertising can be tailored for fans. At the same time, this approach allows us to increase the value of brands across a wide range of opportunities: from game revenue, to direct & indirect advertising, to licensing & merchandising, and much more. This 360° solution has one goal: to create highly-tested products that targeted user groups know, grow, and love.

Industry Leaders

Coming from diverse backgrounds across media, entertainment, and gaming, our team is a collection of industry powerhouses whose goal is to reshape the way content is produced. From the senior management to the developers and engineers, our team is driven by constantly asking the next question: How can we make this better?

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