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Tailoring Experiences for the Target Audience

Data Never Lies

Our Audience Analytics™ ensures that the products and services produced are really what the customers want. We are revolutionizing the development process. Most keep their concepts in the dark until launch, but we develop in the light, exposing our concepts for user input before we launch. Overall, this improves monetization. Below are a few examples of why looking at the data is vital to development.

Industry Leaders

We are leading the entertainment industry with new products backed by data science. Imagine your content brilliantly displayed and designed to leverage the latest modern marketing tools – fast load time, visually immersive & socially enabled – driving engagement. Asteri is your data-driven key to engaging brands, enhancing content, and generating revenue across entertainment and media alike.

360° Solution

We build data-informed entertainment products such as; websites, mobile apps, and online games. By paying attention to user behavior and market research before and during development we are able to efficiently monetize users through a number of channels. This is why we can assure the success of our products and services. We are constantly building our network for the purpose of creating highly tested products for targeted user groups.

Aggregation, Management, and Monetization Based on User Behavior and Audience Analytics

Asteri invites passionate fans to participate in highly interactive rewards-based product research. These large user bases fuel our Audience Analytics. We partner with large online and offline brands to quickly aggregate online communities, thus driving the on-going success and growth of the media network. By applying big data and machine learning to the development of products and services, we are able to generate revenue from multiple streams.

Knowledge is Power

Our team is lead by a group of highly experienced media and development executives. Between the founders and core management team, they have a combined experience of over 100 years in building and monetizing online content and entertainment. Our team has held senior management positions at and contributed to the growth and success of companies like Tencent, Electronic Arts, Paramount, The Robert Evans Company, THQ, Capcom, Atari and Time Inc.

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