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Asteri Networks

At Asteri, we build a relationship between audiences and the content makers, helping each side realize their dreams.

This allows producers to create the perfect game, website, or movie, while giving audiences and fans a true voice in how their favorite products are made. At its core, Asteri is a network, but we are not a network company.
Instead, we use our network to gain access to millions of fans who tell us what they like and don't like. From day one, every product we design will be guided and validated by this network.

Our mission is to create analytics-driven media and entertainment that is respected and approved by our army of fans and users.


Data doesn’t just drive our decisions, it designs them from the ground up. To put it simply, we use data to make good decisions.
We adhere to the tenet of working smarter, not harder and rather than blindly guessing, we use our data intelligently to build better entertainment.


Our approach to data research is ‘always-on’ -- our Predictive Audience Analytics is data that builds on data, bit by bit, play by play. This technology empowers interactive games & entertainment while allowing creators to build more profitable products specifically tailored to user preferences. As opinions and trends change, so do we.


Thousands of game and app developers spend time creating content that might fail to meet expectations. But we use data science and analytics to better gauge those user preferences and behavior that lead to guaranteed success. Listening to users allows us to amplify the value of our content and traffic.

“Predicting what kind of entertainment users like is extremely difficult and until now has been a completely trial-and-error approach, which is why so many entertainment products miss the mark and fail.  
"With our Predictive Audience Analytics, we can accurately determine what users like and then use that knowledge to design interactive games, TV shows, and even feature films that match with the fan’s precise desires. And with that, our data science increases the success and subsequent profitability of the content.”

- CEO & Co-Founder of Asteri Networks, Steve Gray

Combining top technologies with top developers for excellent results


Shreveport, La

Shreveport is a growing city in Northwest Louisiana, a quick drive away from Dallas, Houston, or Baton Rouge. We have a rapidly expanding technology cluster across the top of our state that includes national companies, local universities, and native talent that is driving the development of our own ‘Silicon Bayou.’

The metro area of Shreveport is almost 500 thousand strong. Homes are affordable, schools are phenomenal, and we have a laid-back approach to life that includes good food, good people, and good times. From fresh air to museums, festivals, and farmers’ markets, Shreveport has a lot to offer for those looking for adventures and for affordability.

our team

Our Culture, Our Leadership

With a blend of many backgrounds, our team is packed with a huge variety of perspectives. This diversity creates a culture that values the knowledge of others. We believe that combining ideas and working in unity drive the success of our company. We pride ourselves on giving our team a career to which they look forward to building. Asteri was founded on a culture of curiosity, collaboration, & innovation. This foundation of diverse perspectives creates a culture that challenges the status quo, innovates for the future, and helps us grow -- dynamically and with inclusivity.

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The Possibilities are Endless

Asteri Networks is designing the future of entertainment with its predictive data analytics software. We provide producers and developers with data-driven insights into audiences’ interests.

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